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Lazy Weekend Cooking - Chicken Rice

Jeudi 26th mai, 2016 by Hui Nih & Lybil

Lazy Weekend Cooking - Chicken Rice

 by Hui Nih & Lybil - 21 comments
Chicken Rice

This is another great shot from my hubby, he can always make my food 'looks' so tempting! Hehe! I have not been posting about food since July ... However, if you do check out my 'Survival Cooking' gallery, we still have home-cooked food everyday, even on weekends! So this time, I wish to show you another lazy weekend dish again specially for busy mommies out there :D

I used to cook this very often, especially when I want to get rid of the chicken (which usually hibernate) in my freezer for quite some time :) My mum used to cook this at home for us too, but I never learn a thing from her during that spoon-fed period. I found this 'Chicken Rice cooked using Rice Cooker' recipe from Delicious Asian Food. The site provides other recipes cooked by rice cooker too! Try it and you will start to *love* your rice cooker even more:P Also, if you serve this Chicken Rice with salted fish and some burnt rice(at the base of the rice cooker), you can actually imagining yourself eating Claypot Chicken rice (that's how I try to convince myself!) :D

Meanwhile, my 'sifu' 'Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food' is organizing a contest! You can try the recipes in the site and get a chance to win prizes too! Hurry because the dateline is TODAY!

~Little Note~
Sorry for such a short notice, I just get to know about this contest last night!
(Updated: I will be more than happy if you can VOTE for me 'HERE' (Entry No.16) :P Thanks a million and 'bisous' for all of you!)

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2008-08-31 11:48:05

hi hui nih! i love making this dish too! because can't get salted fish here, i replace with anchovies, and tastes just as good:) i'll link to you too.

HN - Thanks for the tips!!! Will surely try with anchovies one day!

2008-08-31 15:19:23

I love to cook one pot dish too when I get really lazy! :P

Btw, added you to my blogroll... :P

HN - Thanks for dropping by again :) Btw, I would be more than grateful if you can vote for my Chicken Rice:


(I am No.16 )

Thank you!

2008-08-31 15:29:49

hi, yesterday i cooked crabs but i was too late to submit my post..haha... it was nearly midnite when i thought of entering.. anyway, all the best to u...

4Fussy Mum
2008-08-31 18:23:38

ya, this is the easiest dish to cook when we're lazy. Your chicken rice pic looks very appetizing....it makes me feel like eating it now.

HN - Hi Fussy Mum, thanks for your compliments :) It is indeed a super easy One-Dish meal!

2008-08-31 22:15:12

Voted!! :D Hope you win...

HN - Thank you so much Sue! This is my first time participating in an online cooking contest, very 'kan cheong' ler :P

6Joanne Tiew
2008-09-01 19:38:28


7mummy gwen
2008-09-01 19:38:43

My pleasure meeting u in blogsphere too. Mmmm...yr claypot chicken rice looks yummy..hehe..I try to vote for yr entry but the webpage could not load completely. Wil try again later. :)

HN - I encountered problem to load the page too with Internet Explorer, but it appears alright by using Mozilla Firefox :) Thanks for trying!

2008-09-02 07:59:35

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :)

9health freak
2008-09-02 09:48:50

Your chicken rice looks yummy. You can get all the ingredients there? BTW, I've added you on my blogroll too.

HN - Thanks for adding me! Yes, luckily I can find those ingredients here in the Chinese store :)

10Aunty J
2008-09-02 09:59:49

Hello there, thanks for the bday wish :) Oh I've voted for you and glad to see you're on the top 3 :)

2008-09-03 10:19:42

Ok. Voted. All the best!! I'm trying this recipe now. Hope it will taste yummylicious.....

12lil prince's mum
2008-09-03 10:19:52

Voted for u!~ hope u win the USD100 :) good luck!~ I c u in top 3... 122 votes.. ganbatte!~

2008-09-03 10:19:59

Hi HN, wah...didn't know you are a good cook. Voted for you and hope that you'll win! The rice looked delicious. Will surely try it soon.

HN - Hi there, thanks for your vote! Wish to add you in my blogroll too:)

2008-09-03 10:45:40

opps... forgot to include my blog

2008-09-03 15:46:54

Hi. Thanks for visiting my Cyberhome.

Yum....your chicken rice looks good, really. I always love it with salted fish and lots of "lap cheong" (dried meat sausage).

HN - Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by my humble site :) Nice meeting you in the blogsphere too!

2008-09-03 15:57:07

Hi there. Just checking out d 'competitions'. Y'know, for the USD100. Wow. Nice pictures!

17Boss mistake is new policy
2008-09-05 07:29:14

Try adding small pieces of salted fish esp Mergui ikan kurau. Remember not too many. can also use sesame oil. Finally add egg just b4 serving. Do NOT cook the egg.. Haha

HN - So surprised to see my boss here in the comment box, and thanks for your tips too :) You know, I GOT the 2nd place in the contest! Thanks again!

2008-09-05 07:29:33

hmm... it looks yummy!!! sure vote for you...

19Fussy Mum
2008-09-05 19:05:22

Hi, there...voted for your entry. All the best!!

2008-09-12 07:55:06

COngratulations for being the top 3!

2009-07-16 09:33:33

Hi there, you would surely make a name for yourself in the F&B industry....have you considered setting up a restaurant?...cheers

HN - Haha, what I prepare is just simple home-cooked food for my family! Anyway, thanks for dropping by :)

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