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Our Relaxing Weekend @ The Vege Garden

Dimanche 29th mai, 2016 by Hui Nih & Lybil

Our Relaxing Weekend @ The Vege Garden

 by Hui Nih & Lybil - 0 comment
After a few weeks of partying around, we enjoyed a very calm and relaxing Saturday yesterday. I had the luxury of sleeping till the big, sunny sun was high up in the sky then we went to Wah Nam Hong (Asian grocery store) after breakfast to stock up sufficient ingredients for the coming food fair in the coming weekend; Of course, the highlight of the day was by bringing our kids to a vegetable garden in Zoetermeer!

Cindy, a good friend of mine rented a space in a botanical garden in Zoetermeer to grow sweet corns, tomatoes and some fruits, I' m very surprised that the rental fees is only 20 euros per year!
Here's us lazying around the garden on a breezy sunny afternoon ...

Sethy was so freak out when he saw this corn, he yelled: " It's a crocodile!" HELLOOO, CROCODILE????
Typical city boy, hahaha!

My man had so much fun playing with his Canon in the garden;
Here are some of the shots that he's so proud of :)

Oh yes, the kids had so much fun feeding the fishes too! :)

We ended the day with a yummy lunch cum dinner at the Kee Lun restaurant with our good friends ~ Ai Lyn and Cindy. Awwww, it's been a while since I last spent my Saturday this lazy way!

Another busy week ahead but I'm feeling so recharged right now! Hope you feel the same too!!! :)

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Kaya Puff (加央角) ~ My Childhood Comfort Snack

 by Hui Nih & Lybil - 5 comments

The last time as kids, we were not allowed to take those spicy stuffs like Curry puffs or Sambal Ikan BIlis puffs,
Kaya puffs were always appear as a good substitute. My fondest childhood memory is of my dad buying
Kaya puff for us as snack during primary school days. :)

Now, when I was rolling and pleating my puffs at home, my childhood memories rush back;
Seriously though, I'm a huge fan of all sorts of puff pastry but I never thought about making them myself! Ever. :P

Here's the recipe for those who love to give it a try:
(p/s: I've tried this recipe three times and all my Kaya puffs turned out fine, definitely a keeper!)

Kaya Puff (加央角)
(Recipe adapted from HERE)

We need two types of dough for a flakier pastry:

Dough A - Outer Dough
1. 150gm flour (I used Whole Wheat flour)
2. 60gm margarine
3. 30gm sugar
4. 55gm water

Dough B - Flaky Dough
1. 90gm flour (I used Whole Wheat flour)
2. 50gm Shortening (I used butter plus vege oil)

* For each dough, mix the ingredients and knead them gradually till it forms a soft dough.
* The dough could be quite sticky at first but keep kneading till it's not.
* Let the 2 dough sit for 5 - 10 mins.
* Flatten the outer dough slighty (with the middle being thicker).
* Wrap the flaky dough into the outer dough. Make sure the dough close properly into a ball like shape and roll it around to form a smooth ball.
* Then flatten the dough into Vertical rectangular and fold it into 3 parts (Let sit for another 10 mins)
* With a rolling pin, roll the folded dough out vertically into a thin sheet rectangular shape.

* From the top, fold downward like a Swiss roll shape.
* With a knife, divide the dough into 12 or 14 pcs (abt 1.5 cm width).
* Then with a roller, roll it out to a longish circular shape.
(You will see the beautiful swirls patterns on the dough)
*Fill each of the rollled out dough with a spoon of Kaya.

(If you need the recipe of Pandan flavored kaya, please leave a comment below; ))

* Next, seal and pleat each up neatly. (It took me awhile to pleat decently, practice makes perfect! :))

* Egg wash these puffs before putting them into the preheated oven, 180 for a total of 30 mins.
* For a better looking puffs, take out the tray of puffs from the oven and egg wash them again after 15 mins.

Tadaaa, a tray of freshly baked puffs is ready to be served!!!

Happy Trying and Bon Appetit everyone!!! :)

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2011-07-28 08:02:15

Wholesome..... It look exactly like the one from the shop. You can run a business on that.....

Thanks Kat! :) BUt I'm not too sure whether the Dutch would like it too .. Still considering whether to put it in my list of food to prepare for the food fair in August. :)

2011-07-28 08:02:20

Congrats u clever mummy those kaya puffs looks yummy and bursting with kaya! :-)

2011-07-31 11:05:27

You just made me crave for kaya puffs! Now chin will have to find some for me :)

2011-08-01 21:29:50

yeah nice memory on the Kaya puff -the saliva can still flow out :-D

2011-08-06 09:37:10

wah....it looks really pretty. U can start selling great food from your kitchen once yur kids have grown up man...

July: The Month of Celebration (II)

 by Hui Nih & Lybil - 5 comments
This month is all about party for the kids!

We just had one last weekend; Three lovely families gathered at our house on a windy, rainy Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to our guests, we totally forgot about the gloomy weather and had a wonderful get-together instead!:)

We served simple Malaysian & Vietnamese snacks that day. I also made some Pandan flavoured coconut egg jam to pair with the sliced baguette and was really glad that our French friends absolutely adored the food. :)

The birthday boy couldn't wait any longer to cut his birthday cake;
It was a store bought chocolate cherry cake, surprisingly delicious too! :)

My 4y/o boy was helping me to distribute the cakes to our guests, thanks Sethy!:)

The kids were behaving so well in the party, we treated them a Mickey cartoon before the party ends :)

Finally the moment that Sethy waited for long ~Unwrapping the pressies!!!
Shhhh, I secretly kept some gifts up for him to open on the exact date of his birthday. :)

All in all, it was a simple yet HAPPY gathering for both adults and kids!
The whole apartment was filled with joy and laughters from 1pm till 6pm, what can I ask for more??? :D

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~`~~~~~ ~~~~
p/s: Next party will be a picnic party at Clingendael Park, I hope for a beautiful sunny Saturday, but
what a wishful thinking....

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Sethy Is A Boy Boy Already!


2011-07-20 09:13:14

happy birthday sethy! you are such a big and handsome boy now :)

2011-07-22 01:48:28

Today is a very special date,
for, there're four candles on the cake,
make a wish and cut the cake,
have the best of it at this age.
Trust me,
you're one lovely boy at this age,
you dad loves you and your mum too,
so do adore them as they adore you,
be a good boy,
and here's a big hug and kisses from me to you.

Happy Birthday Sethy dear.

2011-07-22 01:48:32

Happy birthday Sethy boy! :-)

2011-07-24 20:26:51

Happy Birthday dear Sethy!

2011-08-08 18:11:30

happy belated birthday to Sethy! He is such a handsome and grown up little boy now :) :) And look at those food ..... so yummy!!!!! You are really good HN!

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